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UPVC Specialists

You need to make sure that whoever looks after and replaces your security and locking systems are both trustworthy and talented. After all, your security is paramount and you don’t want to invite someone into your premises who doesn’t know what their doing, or even worse, have an ulterior motive.

With many years of dedicated service we are the most trusted locksmith in the area. This trust has been built on our reknowned expertise in UPVC windows and doors as well as vast experience in other types or access, including wood and steel framed access points. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise on hand to help.

UPVC Door Repairs / UPVC Locks / Extra Security

With UPVC doors people often think that because they have a sophisticated locking mechanism, they must be secure. However, unless you have an anti-snap euro cylinder installed it is relatively simple for a criminal to snap the lock and gain entry to your property. It is for this reason that our Liverpool locksmiths always recommend British Standard anti snap locks for all installations on UPVC doors and composite doors. Snap resistant locks does not mean that the lock cannot be snapped. It means that when an intruder snaps the lock it will snap at the end of the UPVC door lock and not at the point the lock turns. This means the door will remain locked and the intruder will be left out in the cold!

Gear box failed / Faulty door mechanism / UPVC door not closing / UPVC door not opening

Are you in your house and your door will not lock? Maybe the handle will not move, or the handle is loose? Are you locked out of the house because the door will not open? Is the door unlocked but the handle will not move? Or is the door working but the handle is stiff to pull up and down? These all indicate that the UPVC gearbox or mechanism has failed or is about to fail.

Our locksmiths in Liverpool can help assess and identify the problem. A faulty gearbox can be identified following several different problems. These are; if the handle moves but door does not lock, the handle spins round and is not locking or unlocking the door, if the door does not hold shut when door is closed, and also when the handle is pressed downwards but the door will not open. A faulty gearbox or failed mechanism can be replaced by Key Qualities Locksmiths in Liverpool the same day 90 percent of the time. Our local locksmiths carry stock of all the major brands and sizes of gearbox and mechanisms. This will allow you to open and lock your door safely.

In the cases where our emergency locksmith does not have the part you require, they can secure the door overnight and return with the correct part to repair the UPVC door the next day. Key Qualities locksmiths in Liverpool will carry temporary gearboxes should we not stock your particular brand of gearbox, or we have to special order it. Our locksmiths Liverpool will then be ready the next working day when they will come and replace the defective part. Our local locksmiths LIverpool will always try and repair the door on site as soon as possible.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.