Specialist Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement

UPVC window repair Manchester / Broken Glass replacement

Here at Locksmith Key Qualities we not only provide a UPVC window repair service if your window is not locking or unlocking correctly. We can also provide a glass replacement service. We offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service, so if any of your UPVC windows are smashed or broken we have a locksmith in Liverpool that can help.

Our locksmiths are skilled in replacing broken double glazed windows. We will always try to do a same day repair; however, on specialist glass this is not always possible. Our Liverpool locksmiths will come to measure the broken glass and provide a quote and lead time for the fitting. We can replace the majority of types of glass in UPVC windows.

Is it worth replacing old double glazing?

You can reduce heat loss by replacing old, double-glazed windows with high-performance glazing. This will make your room more comfortable and easier to heat. It is possible to reduce heating costs by replacing double-glazed windows. So it may be better in the long run. Call the professionals in double glazing at Key Qualities Locksmiths for a no obligation quote.