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Keypad Locks

Many commercial premises use keypad locks as a way of allowing authorised personnel access to certain areas. It ensures keys don’t get lost which is paramount to commercial security. There are many types of keypad locks on the market from analogue to digital, it’s important that you use the right product for your needs.

Our locksmiths can ensure all areas of your premises that require restricted access are fit with a keypad lock. We’ll ensure you know how to use them and reset the passcode, or arrange a suitable time with you to come back and ensure passcodes are updated within your current company policy.

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Smart Code Locks

Smart Code locks are becoming an increasingly popular keyless option to conventional locks. Whether you have a business premises, Airbnb, or vacation rental property a keyless smart codelock will offer the convenience of enabling visitors to gain access to the building with the use of a code instead of a key.

The new Smart codelocks and the heavy duty electronic digital door locks are perfect for the use on heavy firedoors. They will allow keyless access but will also withstand heavy traffic and usage.

There are many different solutions within the keyless lock market. Whatever your situation our skilled locksmiths will provide a solution tailored for your business.

We provide options from the biggest brands, including Yale Keyless connected smart locks, Codelocks CL5510 heavy duty smartlock, Igloohome Smartlocks, EVVA Keyless Locks,CL4510 Smart locks, Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock, Ultion Smart Lock.

Commercial Security

We’re here to help you, give us a call to discuss your requirements today.