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UPVC Doors

UPVC doors along with UPVC patio doors almost always come with integrated locks and locking systems. It’s important to ensure that UPVC products are serviced correctly and changes to the locking systems are appropriate for the product otherwise they could be seriously damaged.

Our UPVC qualified technicians only work with locking systems that are appropriate for both domestic and commercial UPVC products. This ensures the chance of problems in the future are kept to a minimum whilst giving you immediate peace of mind. Your locksmith Liverpool will carry stock of all UPVC lock brands and security levels to make sure that you can make the best decision on your home security within your price bracket. Our locksmith in Liverpool would always recommend a British Standard Lock, as these have been rigorously tested for quality and security.

British Standard Locks.....What does this mean?

BS3621 / BS8621 / BS10621

When talking about a British Standard Lock you may have come across the term BS3621. This is the British Standard Institutes (BSI) code for thief resistant locks which have been tested by the BSI. British standard locks can be found on residential and commercial premises, on both front doors and back doors. All British standard locks will be embossed with the kite mark, and is a good way of checking the security level of your locks. This is why many insurance companies will state in their terms and conditions that the locks on your external doors should meet the BS3621 criteria, and without these your policy could be invalid.

But what do these British standard codes actually mean?

BS3621 – The BS3621 relates to mortice and Euro cylinder or barrel locks where a key is used on both sides of the lock. As long as the key is not in the back of the lock, this lock is secure against any criminals that try to gain access to the lock by reaching through a letterbox or breaking a window / glass that is close to the lock.

BS8621 – The BS8621 describes locks that need a key for entry but not for exit. Due to fire regulations these locks are often seen apartments that use a key on the outside of the door and a thumb turn on the inside. In line with the fire regulations these locks provide emergency exits, without the use of a key. These locks should be fitted on any property that house multiple tenants with the use of communal areas.

BS10621 – The BS10621 function is relevant to locks that can only be locked by a key from the outside, and do not have a self-lock function such as a night latch and rim cylinder combination. The locks can be opened from inside without the use of a key.

Recommendation from your Liverpool Key Qualities

The suppliers that your local locksmith recommends are Ultion and ABS. These are lock providers with a large national standing and excellent reputation within the locksmith industry. Ultion has recently launched the TS007(2014) lock which is their latest addition to their stock portfolio and offers Locksmith Key Qualities locksmith in Liverpool customers the ultimate protection from an attempted break in, scoring a perfect 3 star security rating from the Master Locksmith Association. This lock also comes with a 10 year warranty and a 1000 pound anti burglary guarantee. Its 11 pins protect from drilling, picking and lock snapping.

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