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Composite Doors

Composite doors can utilise security systems used in wooden, uPVC and security doors so it’s important to understand which locking system you’re working with. A lot of modern composite doors require specialist tools to change or upgrade the locking systems they use.

Our qualified locksmiths have everything they require to ensure your security needs are met when you’re at your most vulnerable. All work is carried out to British standards and upgrades or changes to your locking system are completed as efficiently as possible, making sure your property is secure again.


Types of Locks

At Key Qualities we believe in providing our customers with as much information as possible about the locks we supply. This is so that you can learn about the ways in which you can best protect your home and business from the threat of burglary and crime. When choosing a local Locksmith in Liverpool, having the knowledge that your Liverpool locksmith fits locks that are quality approved to the British Trading Standards give you confidence and helps you to feel secure. Here at Key Qualities locksmiths in Liverpool, your local locksmith expert, we can guarantee to fit locks and keys from several select suppliers authorised by the British Standard association. Our locksmiths know that not everyone’s budget is the same, so we will always provide a recommendation on the type of locks to use, but do stock alternatives to give you all the options available.

UPVC door locks / UPVC lock repairs / Faulty UPVC door

Even though composite, or rock doors as they are also known, can look as if they are wooden they usually contain the same locks as a UPVC door. As like all things, your UPVC or composite door lock / patio door lock or barrel can fail. This is usually identified when the key is no longer turning in the lock or it is spinning in the lock but not locking or unlocking the door. Key Qualities Locksmiths in Liverpool can identify the issue and change faulty euro cylinders and gain entry day or night to a property in which the lock has failed. Our emergency locksmith can then replace your lock with an anti-snap lock or standard lock depending on your preference and budget.

When it comes to a problem with UPVC door locks it is not usually viable to carry out a lock repair. This is because the cost of repairing would usually cost the same or more as the locksmith replacing the lock with a new one. Instead of carrying out a lock repair it is easier to fit a new lock as this method could save you money in the long run and prevent a future fault. It is also always a good opportunity to upgrade your home security with a British standard lock. Replacing the lock can serve as a lock upgrade. Our locksmiths in Liverpool are constantly amending the stock they carry to the most up to date and latest lock innovations that are available in the market. This means our Locksmiths in Liverpool can fit the most up to date, high security locks on site.

Gear box failed / Faulty Door mechanism / UPVC door not closing / UPVC door not opening

Are you in your house and your door will not lock? Maybe the handle will not move, or the handle is loose? Are you locked out of the house because the door will not open? Is the door unlocked but the handle will not move? Or is the door working but the handle is stiff to pull up and down? These all indicate that the doors gearbox or mechanism has failed or is about to fail.

Our locksmiths in Liverpool can help assess and identify the problem. A faulty gearbox can be identified following several different problems. These are; if the handle moves but door does not lock, the handle spins round and is not locking or unlocking the door, if the door does not hold shut when door is closed, and also when the handle is pressed downwards but the door will not open. A faulty gearbox or failed mechanism can be replaced by Key Qualities Locksmiths in Liverpool the same day 90 percent of the time. Our local locksmiths carry stock of all the major brands and sizes of gearbox and mechanisms. This will allow you to open and lock your door safely. In the cases where our emergency locksmith does not have the part you require, they can secure the door overnight and return with the correct part to repair the UPVC door or composite door the next day. Key Qualities locksmiths in Liverpool will carry temporary mechanism strips should we not stock your gearbox or we have to special order it, to last until the next working day when they will come and replace the defective part. Our emergency locksmiths Liverpool will always try and repair the door on site as soon as possible.

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