Key Qualities Window, Door and Lock Repairs and Replacement

Are any of your doors or windows struggling to open, or catching on the frame, have you been told you need new doors or windows then call Paul for a no obligation quote.

Upvc window and door mechanisms, hinges and handles usually have a life span of about ten years depending on how many times they are opened and closed replacing them can have your windows and doors working like new and at a fraction of the cost of installing new ones.

A common problem is doors and windows catching on the frame, this is usually caused when either they haven’t been installed correctly or overtime they have dropped, homeowners usually try themselves to adjust the hinges but this won’t always work and can put additional pressure on them, ‘the hinges should not be adjusted, one of our trained experts can come to your property and with a simple adjustment called toe & heel it can be fixed properly.


Keyqualities are a company built on over 40+ years in the construction industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to honest quality workmanship our customers satisfaction is very important to us, each project large or small is treated with the same level of quality.

At Key Qualities we are experienced at getting homeowners into their homes after locks and mechanisms have failed, where possible this is done in a none destructive way.

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Property maintenance

At Key Qualities we offer a wide range of services within homes that have maintenance issues such as water leaks, joinery, tiling, damp and timber treatment etc

We can supply a breakdown of cost to landlords or letting agents to keep everything transparent, we use a booking system called service m8 so everything runs smoothly as we stay in contact with your tenants.