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Home Security Review

There are a number of reasons as to why it may be a good idea to consider booking a security review for your property. You may have recently moved into a new property, there has been an increase in crime in the area, or you might have experienced a burglary or break in yourself. Whatever the reason we are here to help. We have access to a wide range of locks and accessories all with different levels of security. From one star Locks to three star snap resistant locks. We will make sure all your locks are fitted correctly with the correct size locks to make sure that they cannot be removed or easily damaged by an intruder.

Security is not always about keeping people out! If you have a small child you want to make sure they are not able to easily get out, especially if your house is situated on a busy main road. Children learn quick and even as a toddler are often able to turn keys in locks to open a door. We have extra security options such as sash jammers which can be placed over the door out of reach of a child and will ‘child proof’ your doors and windows.

Can my home insurance be effected by my locks?

With the criminal statistics across the UK, especially in Liverpool, this locksmith Liverpool company Key Qualities have noticed that home insurance providers are getting a lot harder in their requirements for a valid home insurance policy. We suggest that you always check the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy to make sure your locks are in line with insurance regulations. If not, our local locksmith Liverpool will be on hand to help. When performing a security review we can also advise if your current locks are in line with insurance regulations.

If you are unsure about what is required by your home insurance policy, a helpful locksmith Liverpool company like Key Qualities will be more than happy to discuss through any documentation to ensure we can complete an installation which protects both your home and your insurance policy. All insurance policies have different terms and conditions, but the majority will require a lock that bears the British standard Kite mark. All our Locksmith Liverpool engineers carry stock of British standard locks at all times. If there is a specific brand of lock that we do not have stock of our local locksmiths will be happy to source these for you.

UPVC Door Locks / Composite Door Locks / Rock Door Locks

Liverpool and the surrounding areas have seen the beginnings of an increased crime wave spreading across its city. With this has come increased calls to your trusted locksmith Liverpool enquiring about what can be done to protect homes.

It is vital that you understand how important it is to protect your home and have the locks and security products necessary for your home security. A home is a place where we need to feel safe and do all we can to protect our family and sentimental items. The right security measures can help relieve any unnecessary anxiety and stress which may be detrimental to your health, and this is where our local locksmiths can help. Our locksmiths in Liverpool want you to feel safe in your home and be confident that if your home is targeted you have the best defence security in place. For a better well-being it is important you have appropriate security on your property

But how do you afford this additional security? Are upgraded locks going to be expensive?

While we at Key Qualities your Locksmiths in Liverpool believe that you should not put a price on security, we also understand that not everyone can pay over the odds. Therefore, we ensure all our works are cost-effective and our Liverpool locksmiths have various solutions to offer depending on your price point. No one should be priced out of effective home security and we work hard to ensure this.

The best place for our local locksmiths to start when considering a security upgrade is your front door. This is often the most cost-effective place to start too as very simple upgrades can be made to any door to add a further layer of protection. The security on any UPVC or wooden door can be increased simply by installing a key chain. This may seem like a simple measure, but they cannot only protect you from strangers when opening the door to a caller, but they also add a deterrent to criminals trying to break and enter your home. If a burglar manages to bypass the lock itself, they then have the task of breaking the key chain. This can be done, bu it will cause more noise thus alerting you or neighbours.

Our local locksmiths in Liverpool will assess your current door layout and may suggest that rather than a key chain, sash jammers can be used as an extra level of security on your UPVC doors. These work by creating a barrier across the door line. Our expert locksmiths Liverpool always carry these in stock, and they can be fitted easily to give you a bit more peace of mind. They are very strong and will potentially stop an intruder gaining entry. We can provide different colour sash jammers depending on the colour of your door so that they look aesthetically pleasing. Our local locksmith can also fit sash jammers to your UPVC windows as another form of security against the outside.

UPVC doors can have several faults, but these are normally due to age or wear and tear. Even the changes in weather and temperatures can affect your UPVC door or patio doors. Our experienced locksmiths Manchester can usually assess the issue and rectify this within the same day.

Security options for wooden doors

There are 2 lock types that are most commonly used to secure wooden doors and these are Rim cylinders and Mortice locks. For wooden doors, our local locksmith will always recommend having a mortice lock as well as a Rim Cylinder if your property does not already have one. If the door already has a rim cylinder / night latch and a 5 lever mortice lock our trusted locksmith will recommend anti-thrust plates too. This is a metal strip that covers that gap between your door and the door frame and prevents anyone from sticking any tools in the door to pry it open and break the door and the lock. Our locksmiths Liverpool want to keep the thieves out in the cold and will use their experience to give you the best advice.

All our security upgrade options are cost-effective and come with quick installation times. For more information, make sure you call Key Qualities locksmiths in Liverpool.