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Wooden Doors

Wooden doors usually require a different locking mechanism to those of UPVC products. This is because they very rarely have integrated locking systems. It’s important to understand the different locks for the various products, as the last thing you need is for your security to be breached in any way.

Our locksmiths have years of experience of working with all door types. They carry a range of branded locks that can be fit efficiently, thus saving time and ensuring an immediate fix to your security requirements

What type of locks are fitted to wooden doors?

Even though the majority of new build houses are being fitted with UPVC doors or composite doors around 40 percent of houses in the UK still have a wooden front door or back door. This is important to note when assessing your home security as it lets you know the security options and the locks that are available to you. Most of us understand what a Rim Cylinder is or what is commonly known as a Yale lock or Yale night latch lock. In fact, most of us with wooden doors will have these locks on our current properties. The fact they can be cheap to produce and easy to install means they can be found on most properties. However, the convenience does come at a security cost if they are the only lock securing an external door. Whether this be a front door or a back door if the door can be accessed having this type of lock as the only method of securing the door may be an issue to insurers.


Many insurers now not only require the presence of a mortice lock on a wooden door, but state that there must be a 5 lever British Standard mortice lock in conjunction with a Rim Cylinder. Whether you are told you require a sash lock or deadlock does not matter, as they are both a form of mortice lock with slight differences, depending on what you require from the lock. Mortice locks are supplied as standard by your locksmith Manchester and will provide a good level of security for your home.

To give you an explanation of how a 5 lever mortice lock works. The 5 levers are the number of levers which need to be turned by the key in the lock which is why the 5 lever mortice option is always a better choice than the 3 lever mortice lock. The British Standard mark indicates that there are extra security mechanisms present in the lock. This means your British Standard mortice lock has a longer bolt throw, a security curtain which protects the levers from outside interference, and an anti-drill plate. Our experienced local locksmiths will always advise you on the best locks for your home security and the 5 lever British standard mortice locks are always the way to go.

Mortice locks

Mortice locks are usually found on wooden doors and come with several methods of locking the door. It could be a traditional mortice or a mortice dead case with a thumb turn euro cylinder or oval euro cylinder. Key Qualities locksmiths in Liverpool supply and fit mortice locks so whether you require a new lock, in a door that current does not have one, or a replacement lock we can do this for you the same day. Our local locksmiths Liverpool always carry a large amount of lock types and brands to make sure we have the correct products to do the job, especially in an emergency locksmith situation.

All our external door locks are 5 lever British standard locks which are to the requirements set by insurance companies. We supply and fit all sizes of mortice locks both sash locks and dead locks. Our Liverpool locksmiths also carry mortice locks that can allow for a euro cylinder or oval euro cylinder which have a more desirable effect aesthetically. Locksmith Key Qualities Liverpool locksmiths can help secure or increase your home security by showing you the standard type of mortice lock in comparison to a 5 lever British Standard Lock. You can then make the decision which lock fits your needs and budget.

If you have a preferred colour to meet the previous furniture on the door, we fit satin, chrome, brass, white and black mortice locks to meet the desired look you require. Our local locksmith can supply handles of all shapes, sizes and colours of handles to improve a new look of your door.

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