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Security Review

Security products and technology is improving every day and you need to make sure your property is a secure as it can be. All domestic and commercial security products and processes should be regularly assessed to ensure they’re still relevant in the ever changing world.

We offer a full security review service where our expert locksmiths will review your current products and offer maintenance and upgrade advice where necessary. We can also arrange a suitable time with you to ensure all finding are implemented to ensure you maintain a robust approach to security.

How can I improve on my current security?

It does not matter if you have had your home or business for 20 years or you have recently moved, anyone can have security concerns about their property, particularly if the crime rate has increased in the area. Locksmith L&E emergency locksmiths in Manchester can help. Firstly, you will want a full rundown of all the current security measures in the house or business premises. Is there is an alarm system in place? What is the location of any hidden safes. What type of locks are on the windows and doors? Who has keys? Can these keys be duplicated? By doing this it will help increase your knowledge regarding the security levels within your property. This allows you (along with our Manchester locksmith) to get a better understanding of the level of security and what work can be done to increase this.

When you buy or rent a new property the first thing to do is replace all the locks in your home / business. This is considered standard practice and something which our local locksmith would always advise. This is because the previous owners may have given back all their keys but you will never know who they gave a spare key to and thus who might have access to your property without your permission. It is obviously the safest method to simply change all of your locks and this will make you feel much more comfortable. Smaller locks such as windows may not need to be changed, but again, for maximum security it is best to change these too. Remember, security starts with your locks, and the risk is just not worth it. Our local locksmith in Manchester can then advise on further security measures once this first step has been completed.

But I will probably never get burgled! It will never happen to me

Our experienced local locksmith Manchester have been witnesses to many situations where keys have been duplicated allowing others to gain access even when the original keys have been returned. By changing the locks or adding additional security measures such as dimple keys, which cannot be duplicated, you are keeping your property safe. Dimple keys are available in most brands but the most well known and tested are Ultion and ABS locks.

Here at Locksmith L&E Locksmiths in Manchester, we take home and business security very seriously and advise that you do not take it lightly. Our experience has taught us that we tend not look at the security of our home until it has been compromised. But our local locksmiths are here to change that. A lot of the emergency locksmith situations we attend are break ins and the most common thing said to our locksmiths is, I wish Id have made it harder for them. So now it is our Manchester locksmiths duty to spread the awareness about property security and how to improve yours.

What are high security locks and why might I need them?

Our locksmiths recommend checking the materials of your door and the types of locks on your doors, our emergency locksmiths can give you advice and information as to the type of break in associated with that lock and the material of that door. For example, if you have a UPVC door then you are most at risk of lock snapping. So check if you have snap resistant locks, and if you dont then it is advised to get them installed which could save yourself stress and give you better peace of mind knowing that your locks are of a better standard to challenge any potential threats. Our locksmiths in Manchester can help with this.

Home and business security should be conducted in stages. The first layer should be the actual security that is in place which locks and secures your front door. If you have a wooden front door, your Locksmith Key Qualities Locksmith Liverpool will always recommend you install a 5-lever mortice deadlock as standard. In fact, this should ideally be combined with a latch lock and rim cylinder, like those produced by ERA and Yale. If you have a UPVC door, your property should have a British Standard anti-bump, anti-snap lock to guarantee maximum security. If you are unsure what level of security your property currently has, a quick call to your friendly Locksmith Liverpool will ensure an accurate analysis.

Do not just stop at the security of your front door, check all access points

When assessing security many people just look at the front access to the property. But our Liverpool locksmiths advise that all entrance points should be investigated. This includes windows / patio doors / sliding patio doors / garage doors / shutters.

Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee the security of your property 100 percent of the time. After all, it can be difficult to stop a determined thief and there may be other ways into your home. However, our emergency locksmiths can make it as hard as possible for them to gain entry, and make sure if they try it makes noise to alert you or neighbours. This is why it is necessary to ensure that any potential burglar does not even consider targeting your property in the first place. Thankfully, your expert local Locksmith in Liverpool has several tips which you can bear in mind to protect your home.

How can I better protect my business?

When burglars go past properties the first thing they examine is how security conscious the occupants may be? They will look for the quantity of locks you have and then their quality. They will also look for the presence of any alarms or security lighting. After all, burglars do not want to target a property which will result in attention being drawn to them.

It may be surprising, but it will also be small things that will deter an unwanted guest. For example, if you have a gate to your property, it is suggested that leaving it open is a great indication that the occupants do not take their security properly. It may also seem obvious, but what you do and do not leave on display can influence your properties security. Your local Liverpool locksmith will have witnessed many cases where this has had an effect. The number of times we have walked past houses in local neighbourhoods and seen properties with tools left out, or garden furniture on display which someone could easily climb on. In fact, even witnessing properties with items of high worth valuables clearly on display from the road. The conclusion here is to take your home security more seriously. Think like a burglar and your property will be more secure. Together we will beat the burglar

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