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Window Locks

When thinking about the security of your property you need to ensure you think about ever access point into your property and that includes your windows. There are several window locking mechanisms on the market that not only ensure security of your property but are also ideal for childproofing and reducing the potential for accidents.

We have a track record of successfully improving all these aspects with our clients to ensure their needs are met. First and foremost your security is our priority and this means we work towards your specific requirements to ensure your locking systems are both safe and secure.

Depending on the type of window you have and even the material of the window for example UPVC / Wooden / Aluminium etc. will often dictate what types of fittings and security you have installed.

Our specialist window locksmiths have experience with all types of windows. No matter what the issue we can help.

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Common Window Lock Types

Basta Timber casement handle – A casement handle will be used on wooden windows and lock the window straight away when it is closed, and the handle is in the locked position. These types of handles lock the window independently and do not need an internal mechanism.

Cockspurs handles – Cockspur handles can be used on wooden or UPVC windows. They are recognisable by the ‘spur’ from the main handle, and the window locks when the handle is stopped by a wedge. UPVC windows should lock with the use of a window mechanism in conjunction with a handle. We would not recommend using a cockspur handle as the only method of locking a UPVC window.