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Access Control and Smart Locks

If you have a business premises or communal accommodation managing large numbers of keys and cost of administration can be a major problem. Keys can be easily lost or stolen or duplicated. Employees and tenants often fail to return keys or visitors may take them offsite. This is not only an administration issue but also a security risk. Securing premises, assets and protecting staff remains an issue for any company.

Our locksmiths have been expertly trained to fit several different access control systems to suit all types of properties.

What is access control?

Access control is about controlling access of staff or visitors to specific areas within your premises. Instead of the usual lock and key method, access control secures your building electronically. Access control systems can make the most of keypads / proximity devices and readers instead of locks and keys.

To gain entry, you can use either PIN numbers, Proximity cards and fobs, or for a more secure option, use the combination of RFID Proximity & PIN. These systems provide ease of use for low traffic areas or high levels of flexibility over security in heavy traffic locations such as shops, hotels offices and communal doors for rental accommodation and HMOs.

There are numerous electronic digital locks and smart locks on the market and our Manchester locksmiths can provide you with a number of different options for you to choose the best solution for your business or property.

So whether you require a mechanical code lock / digilock, a stand alone battery operated locking mechanism or electronic access control we can help.