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Garage Doors

Garages are a great place for storage, especially of cars and other high value assets. Therefore it’s important to ensure your garage is fully secured; padlocks just don’t cut it these days. A more robust approach to security is required to ensure all your property is safe and secure.

There are various solutions that can be used to make sure your property is secure and our experts are on hand to talk you through your options, allowing you to make the right choice. By securing your assets properly you no longer need to worry about whether the system you have in place is the best option.

We have experience in all aspects of external building security, just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Replacing a Garage Door Lock

You might think that replacing a garage door lock is something you can easily do yourself but it’s not straight forward.

Even though it looks to be a small simple lock, there is a lot more to it. To do it you have to know your door’s make and the model and size of your door lock in order to buy the right replacement. There a so many sizes and makes that very often a hardware store will not have the correct size you need. If there is a spindle, you need to know the spindle’s shape, and you need to order the right length, or you will have to cut the new one to size. You need to know the distance between the fixing centres and the spigot length of your lock. And all this is if you still have a working lock and key.

If the key doesn’t work or you have lost the key and the door is locked shut, you have a whole new set of problems but no worries, because our expert locksmiths will be on hand to help. 

Garage door Security risks

It is important that you take the security of your garage door seriously. It is often an entrance to our home that we do not think of, and it is often left as a weak point into your home.

Burglars will often target garage doors, not only to get access to its contents but as a way into your home. Most homes will have an internal door leading to the garage and just as with the garage door itself we do not think of the security on this door. Any connecting doors from a garage should be the same level of security as any other external doors. Intruders see these doors as a weak spot as they are often overlooked.

Our experienced locksmith can provide you with a home Security Review

Here we can identify any weak points in your security that you may have missed and give you the options that are available to increase the level of security in your property.